News Trader Pro User Guide

1. Software Download, Log In and Connecting 2. Selecting Events 3. Trade Setup 4. Triggers 5. Conflicts 6. Loading and Trading 7. Example with MT4 1. Software Download, Login and Connecting Once you have registered on the web site, News Trader Pro can be downloaded from your account. Once downloaded and installed, login with the […]

News Trader Pro v4

Today we’re releasing version 4 of News Trader Pro! Over the last months the News Trader Pro development team have been working hard to bring you a completely new version. This is not a small update, this is a complete redesign. We have changed the user interface, and re-written every single line of code! New […]

What’s New in News Trader Pro v3?

Today we’re releasing version 3 of News Trader Pro! This release includes major re-writes of the code and the introduction of some great new features. Click Manager is now Trigger Manager! With the introduction of Trigger Manager we have added additional features that have been requested by our subscribers. These features are: 1. Multiple Click […]

Introducing Conflict Manager

Today we’re releasing News Trader Pro v2 with Conflict Manager. No more hitting the spike just to see it reverse due to a conflicting report. How does it work? Our requirement was to avoid conflicting reports while still keeping News Trader Pro incredibly simple to use. We’re confident we’ve achieved this! Before you select the […]

Getting Started with News Trader Pro

We believe we’ve created the best platform for Forex Auto-Click News Trading. It’s incredibly simple to use. Below is a short guide to get you started. If you want to see this guide in picture form, please see the Software page. Software Download and Setup Download the latest version of News Trader Pro from the […]

Best Practices for NTP

Wide Triggers If you’ve been using our live triggers then you will have noticed that we set our triggers quite wide. This is because News Trader Pro takes advantage of the analyst’s forecasts being out of line. The more out of line, the bigger the correction. If the forecasts are only slightly out, then often […]