Getting Started with News Trader Pro

We believe we’ve created the best platform for Forex Auto-Click News Trading. It’s incredibly simple to use. Below is a short guide to get you started.

If you want to see this guide in picture form, please see the Software page.

Software Download and Setup

Download the latest version of News Trader Pro from the members area. Software Download

Login to News Trader Pro using the same details that you used to register.

Knowing what to trade and how to trade it

Each week we publish the list of figures that we will trade, under This Week’s Top Events.

At lease one hour before the scheduled release time we will publish our triggers in the Analysis section.

Setting up News Trader Pro

After logging into News Trader Pro, connect to the list of events via: File -> Connect

Select the event to trade from the dropdown box. This will populate the Forecast for your chosen event.

Complete the triggers and Conflict Manager either using our analysis or your own research.

Set where in your trading platform you want News Trader Pro to click if a trade is triggered. These are set via: Tools -> Click Manager.

Now you are all ready. You just need to click load 30-60 seconds before the release.


Here’s an actual example that we traded, showing News Trader Pro setup and ready to go.

USD Nonfarm Payrolls – 2018/01/05

If there’s anything that is still unclear, please ask it in the comments below or contact us.


  1. peterklass4x

    I am not clear on how to execute the trade on my MT4 account

    1. News Trader Pro

      Peter, you set where in MT4 you want to click if a trade is triggered under Tools -> Click Manager in News Trader Pro.

      After opening the Click Manger click ‘Set’ in line with Buy, move your mouse to the location that the click should be executed and then press ‘s’ on your keyboard. This will save the location and News Trader Pro will click here if a buy trade is triggered. Repeat the process for Sell and then News trader Pro is setup.

      Now just complete the triggers and load News Trader Pro as outlined above.

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