USD Nonfarm Payrolls – 2018/01/05

Date: Friday 5th January 2018

Time: 13:30 UTC

Later today we see USD Nonfarm Payrolls. This figure has become more difficult to trade in recent times as more relevance is being placed on other components of the report. For this reason we have developed Conflict Manager. To take full advantage of this, please download News Trader Pro v2 from the following link.

Download News Trader Pro v2

Full instructions of how to use Conflict Manager can be found in the Introducing Conflict Manager post.

Introducing Conflict Manager

The format of these reports are going to change slightly to include a detailed setting up procedure to include any relevant conflicts. Our aim is to keep News Trader Pro as simple to use as possible. Please let us know in the comments if there’s anything we can add.

Setting up procedure

Our market of choice: USD/JPY

Main Report

USD Nonfarm Payrolls

Deviation: +/-50

Prior Forecast Buy Sell
228 190 >239 <139

1. USD Unemployment Rate

Prior Forecast Buy Sell
4.1 4.1 <4.1 >4.1

Once News Trader Pro has been setup correctly, it should look like this:

News Trader Pro with Conflict Manager

As always, make sure you set the auto-click locations, and we advise hitting load on News Trader Pro 60 seconds before the scheduled release time. Good luck!

Post-News Analysis
Forecast Actual Trigger
190 148 No trade

USD Nonfarm Payrolls came in with a large miss, just short of triggering a trade. We contemplated bringing the parameters in this month as we now have Conflict Manager, but decided we would give it one more month. It’s likely that we will bring them in to +/-40 for next month as this month’s reaction was good. USD/JPY spiked down 27 pips, the one min bar was the extreme of the move, but there was plenty of time to exit for a good profit. The chart is shown below for reference.

USD Nonfarm Payrolls


  1. Dave D

    Conflict Manager looks really interesting. Looking forward to trying it out.