News Trader Pro v6

Today we’re releasing version 6 of News Trader Pro!

Over the last months the News Trader Pro development team have been working hard to bring you a completely new version. We have completely redesigned the interface and optimised the code.

News Trader Pro Main Window

If you experience any issues using News Trader Pro v6, please submit a bug-fix.


  1. Alessandro N

    Hello, new version is fine, anyway in the former version was possible open multiple set-up windows in order to trade news, now is possible open only one set-up. Would be very good reinstate that feature so I can prepare my setup in the morning and I don’t need to wait the next news in order to setup a new trade.

    1. News Trader Pro

      Hello Alessandro, being able to setup multiple trades at the same time is an Enterprise feature. You can compare the version features at the following link:

      Lifetime subscribers receive a discount for the Enterprise version.

  2. Alexander

    Hello, this is good news, it is now possible to react quickly also for manual trading. Thank you. Another would be to add a customizable sound in seconds – a bell, at even time or, for example, up to -3 seconds.

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