AUD RBA Interest Rate Decision - 19-10-01

Date Tuesday 1st October 2019
Time 04:30

The RBA announce their interest rate decision during the Asian session. 20 out of 27 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg expect the RBA to cute rates by 25bps to 0.75%, while the other seven analysts expect the RBA to remain on hold at 1%.

The markets show an implied probability of a rate cut this week at 80% and therefore we are only looking to trade if the RBA remain on hold.

What happened last time?

AUD RBA Interest Rate Decision – 19-07-02
Time 04:30
Forecast 1.00
Actual 1.00
Deviation 0
One minute spike 20 pips

Setting up procedure

Main Event AUD RBA Interest Rate Decision
Market AUD/USD
Deviation +/-0.05
Prior 1.00
Forecast 0.75
Triggers Buy >0.75
Sell <0.75

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