USD Retail Sales MoM - 21-10-15

Date Friday 15th October 2021
Time 12:30

USD Retail Sales is released prior to the open of the US session.

We are looking for a divergence of +/-1. If this is hit then we will be looking for a 10 pip spike. Volatility has increased recently over USD events, so we might look to push it further.

What happened last time?

USD Retail Sales MoM – 21-09-16
Time 12:30
Forecast -0.8
Actual 0.7
Deviation +1.5
One minute spike 16 pips

How we setup

Main Event USD Retail Sales MoM
Market USD/JPY
Deviation +/-1
Prior 0.7
Forecast -0.2
Triggers Buy >0.7
Sell <-1.1

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