USD Retail Sales MoM - 20-05-15

Date Friday 15th May 2020
Time 12:30

USD Retail Sales is released prior to the open of the US session.

We are looking for a divergence of +/-0.5. If this is hit then we will be looking for a 20+ pip spike. This divergence is usually enough for all of the other components to fall in line, so we do not add any components as conflicts.

What happened last time?

USD Retail Sales MoM – 20-04-15
Time 12:30
Forecast -8.0
Actual -8.4
Deviation -0.4
One minute spike 6 pips

Setting up procedure

Main Event USD Retail Sales MoM
Deviation +/-0.5
Prior -8.4
Forecast -12.0
Triggers Buy >-11.5
Sell <-12.5

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