USD CPI MoM - 19-03-12

Date: Tuesday 12th March 2019

Time: 12:30

USD CPI MoM is released pre-US session.

If a trade is triggered, the move should be strong enough to overcome any conflict. Therefore, we do not add any of the components to Conflict Manager.

Our triggers do not get hit very often. When they do, we expect a spike of 30 pips.

What happened last time?

USD CPI MoM – 19-02-13

Time: 13:30

Forecast: 0.1

Actual: 0.0

Deviation: -0.1

One minute spike: 17 pips

Setting up procedure

Our market of choice: USD/JPY

Main Report


Deviation: +/-0.2

Prior Forecast Buy Sell
0.0 0.2 >0.3 <0.1

As always, make sure you set the auto-click locations, and we advise hitting load on News Trader Pro 60 seconds before the scheduled release time. Good luck!

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