NZD RBNZ Interest Rate Decision - 21-10-06

Date Wednesday 6th October 2021
Time 01:00

The RBNZ announce their interest rate decision during the Asian session.

All analysts surveyed expect the RBNZ to hike the Official Cash Rate by 25bps to 0.50%. This is therefore likely already priced into the market. Should the RBNZ fail to hike, we would expect a bearish reaction in the NZD.

We will be trading NZD/USD. We will be selling the pair if the RBNZ remain on hold, and buying the pair on a hike greater 25bps.

Aggressive traders may wish to buy NZD on a 25bps hike.

What happened last time?

NZD RBNZ Interest Rate Decision – 21-08-18
Time 02:00
Forecast 0.5
Actual 0.25
Deviation -0.25
One minute spike 76 pips

How we setup

Main Event NZD RBNZ Interest Rate Decision
Market NZD/USD
Deviation +/-0.05
Prior 0.25
Forecast 0.50
Triggers Buy >0.5
Sell <0.5

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