NZD CPI QoQ - 23-10-16

Date Monday 16th October 2023
Time 21:45

NZD CPI QoQ is released early in the Asian session.

We set the triggers at +/-0.2. However it is often a good trade at +/-0.1, and aggressive traders may wish to tighten the triggers to this level.

If a trade is triggered, expect a spike of 20-30 pips.

What happened last time?

NZD CPI QoQ – 23-07-18
Time 22:45
Forecast 1.0
Actual 1.1
Deviation +0.1
One minute spike 21 pips

How we setup

Main Event NZD CPI QoQ
Market NZD/USD
Deviation +/-0.2
Prior 1.1
Forecast 2.0
Triggers Buy >2.1
Sell <1.9

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