GBP Core Retail Sales MoM - 19-08-15

Date Thursday 15th August 2019
Time 08:30

Early European session we see GBP Retail Sales, we setup to trade the Core Retail Sales MoM component.

If a trade is triggered, expect a spike around 30 pips. We usually see immediate follow through with this event.

What happened last time?

GBP Core Retail Sales MoM – 19-07-18
Time 08:30
Forecast -0.2
Actual 0.9
Deviation +1.1
One minute spike 13 pips

Setting up procedure

Main Event GBP Core Retail Sales MoM
Market GBP/USD
Deviation +/-0.8
Prior 0.9
Forecast -0.2
Triggers Buy >0.5
Sell <-0.9

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