AUD Trimmed Mean CPI QoQ – 2018/01/31

Date: Wednesday 31st January 2018

Time: 00:30 UTC

AUD CPI is the first of This Week’s Top Figures to be released.

This is a difficult figure to trade due to Australian figures being staggered in their release and not always in the same order. We will setup our triggers on AUD Trimmed Mean CPI QoQ, in the past this has been the first figure to be released, but this is not guaranteed.

We have set the triggers slightly wider than we usually would for CPI figures, to mitigate some of the risk. Unfortunately Conflict Manager is not effective with this figure as it waits for all of the data before triggering and it’s likely it will enter us into the trade too late because of the staggered release.

When trading this figure, have Today’s Calendar open and if AUD Trimmed Mean CPI QoQ is not the first figure to be released, I recommend hitting abort and letting this trade pass. Also, if you don’t have a lot of experience with news trading, I would advise skipping this figure altogether.

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