AUD Trimmed Mean CPI QoQ - 20-04-29

Date Wednesday 29th April 2020
Time 01:30

AUD CPI is released during the Asian session. AUD Trimmed Mean CPI QoQ has been released seconds before the other components in the past and so we focus on this component.

Because the components of the report are often several seconds apart, adding conflicts is not effective for this event. If it appears that the market has reacted early, hit abort and skip this event.

We do consider this event to be slightly higher risk because of these reasons.

What happened last time?

AUD Trimmed Mean CPI QoQ – 19-10-30
Time 00:30
Forecast 0.4
Actual 0.4
Deviation 0
One minute spike 12 pips

Setting up procedure

Main Event AUD Trimmed Mean CPI QoQ
Market AUD/USD
Deviation +/-0.2
Prior 0.4
Forecast 0.4
Triggers Buy >0.5
Sell <0.3

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