News Trader Pro User Guide

1. Software Download, Log In and Connecting

2. Selecting Events

3. Trade Setup

4. Trigger Manager

5. Conflict Manager

6. Loading and Trading

7. Example with MT4

1. Software Download, Login and Connecting

Once you have register on the web site, News Trader Pro can be downloaded from the Members Area.

Once downloaded and installed, use the details you used when registering to login. Then connect News Trader Pro via File -> Connect.

Once connected, News Trader Pro will display the number of available events found.

News Trader Pro Main Window
2. Selecting Events

After connecting, the events box will become active. This shows a list of the events available to trade over the next 20 hours in the following format (local computer time):

Time Currency Event Period


13:30 USD Nonfarm Payrolls (Jul)

There are hundreds of events available to trade with News Trader Pro each week, but we only trade a select few. We trade the events have been shown to consistently make profits over our extensive research and live trading. Each week we publish This Week’s Top Events.

3. Trade Setup

We provide analysis for each of the week’s top events at least one hour prior to the release time.

The analysis includes the currency pair we will trade and the parameters we will use for our triggers. You are free to use these, or your own.

The currency pair and the trade size need to be setup in your trading platform.

An example of setting up News Trader Pro with MT4 can be found at the end of this guide.

4. Trigger Manager

After setting up the trade in your trading platform, the next step is to setup the triggers in News Trader Pro, this is done via Trigger Manager.

Trigger Manager can be accessed via Tools -> Trigger Manager in News Trader Pro.

To setup a trigger:

  • Select the appropriate option from the drop-down box and enter the trigger parameter.
  • Click ‘Set’ to enable to click location tracking.
  • Move your mouse to the buy or sell button in your platform. DO NOT CLICK.
  • Press s on your keyboard to save the mouse location.
  • The x and y boxes will populate with values, these are the coordinates for the mouse click.
  • To test trigger click locations:

  • Press the ‘Test’ button. Blue targets show buy click locations and red targets show sell click locations.
  • To delete a trigger:

  • Select the trigger and press the delete key on your keyboard.
  • To manually edit the click location of a trigger prior to adding:

  • Double-click on the x or y box.
  • Trigger Manager can be closed or kept open. Triggers are saved as soon as they are added. Closing the window will not delete the triggers.

    Trigger Manager

    When using multiple trigger levels, the main window buy and sell boxes will show the inside triggers (the first triggers that will execute), as shown in this example.

    News Trader Pro Main Window
    5. Conflict Manager

    Conflict Manager is used when two events are released at the same time and have the potential to conflict with each other. Conflict Manager prevents a trade from being triggered if two or more events trigger opposing signals.

    Conflict Manager can be accessed via Tools -> Conflict Manager in News Trader Pro.

    To add a conflict:

  • Select the conflict event in the event box and click ‘Add Conflict’.
  • This will move the event down into the Conflict Manager and enable the conflict triggers.
  • Complete the conflict triggers and click save.
  • To delete a conflict:

  • Select the conflict and press the delete key on your keyboard.
  • To delete all conflicts you can close Conflict Manager via Tools -> Conflict Manager.
  • Conflict Manager
    6. Loading and Trading

    Once all of the previous steps have been completed, News Trader Pro is now ready to load.

    We recommend loading 30 – 60 seconds prior to the scheduled release time.

    After loading, the ‘Load’ button will now read ‘Abort’. If you need to cancel the trade at any point prior to execution, click ‘Abort’.

    If a trade is executed, you should manage it in your trading platform the same way you would manage any other trade.

    News Trader Pro only executes the entry and does not manage the trade in any way.

    7. Example with MT4

    We will show an example of how to setup News Trader Pro.

    We will use MT4 as this is the most common Forex platform, however News Trader Pro is compatible with every trading platform that can enter a trade with one click. We are yet to find a Forex, Binary Options or Futures platform that cannot do this.

    For the Example we will use USD Nonfarm Payrolls (Jul)

    Trigger for this event are shown below:

    Market: USD/JPY

    Buy > 232

    Sell < 154

    Conflict: USD Unemployment Rate

    Buy < 3.9

    Sell > 3.9

    1. Log In and Connect News Trader Pro

    2. Setup conflicts (We setup conflicts before setting up the main event).

  • Open Conflict Manager. Tools -> Conflict Manager.
  • Select USD Unemployment Rate.
  • Click ‘Add Conflict’.
  • Enter conflict triggers as above.
  • Click ‘Save’.
  • 3. Select USD Nonfarm Payrolls.

    USD Nonfarm Payrolls (Jul)

    When setup correctly, News Trader Pro should look like this.

    USD Nonfarm Payrolls (Jul)

    4. Setup trade in MT4.

  • Open ‘New Order’ window in MT4. Toolbar -> New Order.
  • Symbol: USDJPY.
  • Volume: Enter your desired trade size.
  • MT4 New Order USDJPY

    5. Setup triggers.

  • Open Trigger Manager. Tools -> Trigger Manager.
  • Select ‘Buy >’ and enter 232.
  • Click ‘Set’. Move mouse to ‘Buy by Market’ button in MT4. Press s on keyboard.
  • Click ‘Add’.
  • Select ‘Sell <' and enter 154.
  • Click ‘Set’. Move mouse to ‘Sell by Market’ button in MT4. Press s on keyboard.
  • Click ‘Add’.
  • Close Trigger Manager.
  • 6. Load News Trader Pro.

  • Click ‘Load’ 30 – 60 seconds prior to event release time.
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